A rising success for Cromer Academy students

August 23rd 2019

GCSE results rise again for Cromer Academy

Antony Little, principal of Cromer Academy was overwhelmed with the incredible GCSE results again this year. He said;

''We are thrilled that, once again, the results have risen at Cromer Academy.  The hard work of our brilliant students and committed staff have meant that we not only have an increase in English and Maths but also a really strong Progress8 score which shows that students do better at Cromer Academy, no matter what their starting point.  Particularly pleasing is that the very top grades have been turbocharged and we have shown that our young people can achieve the very best outcomes and go on to do amazing things.  Of all the outstanding students at Cromer, I wanted to specifically pay tribute to Tammie Waplington who achieved the very top grade 9 in all of her subjects - a stunning success of which she should be rightly proud."