Specialist Resource Base

Cromer Academy hosts a Key Stage 3 & 4 communication and interaction
‘Specialist Resource Base’ (SRB) that is referred to in school as the Hub.
This is part of Norfolk’s Local Offer for students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). 

SRB places are allocated by the local authority. Click here to find out more about the programme.

The base is staffed by a lead SRB teacher, an SRB coordinator (higher-
level teaching assistant (HLTA)), and five teaching assistants. We provide
placements to students from schools throughout the county who are
experiencing difficulties with accessing mainstream education due to their
communication and interaction needs. We currently have provision for 15
placements; the students are supported to enable them to attend up to
100% of mainstream lessons. The SRB gives the students opportunities to
develop independent learning skills by offering an adapted curriculum
designed to enable individuals to manage their barriers and access a
mainstream curriculum. 

If you are a parent interested in SRB provision for your child, please speak
to the SENCO at their school.

Prior to applying for an SRB placement, the SENDCO at the students’
current school should contact the SRB lead teacher or SENCO at Cromer
Academy either by phone or email. 
Parents should then arrange to visit the SRB and to meet with the SRB
lead teacher or SRB coordinator. 

If parents wish to proceed with a placement application, the SRB lead
teacher from Cromer Academy will need to visit, and observe, the child in
their current setting prior to the SRB panel meetings arranged, and hosted
by the LA. 

Visits can be arranged by appointment via our school office.