Visitor & Parent Feedback

"I went into the shop at the garage today, and there were a few of your girls in there . I assume they were from Cromer academy because of the minibus outside.

I just feel that you should know, those girls were so polite, so considerate, to the point of saying to the cashier…

 “ I hope you have a lovely day” . 

You should be very proud. I just feel people are quick to criticise these days and not acknowledge the good things

A member of the public. June, 2023

"Please would you pass on our huge thanks to Principal Mr Hollingsworth and Vice Principal Michael Martin for a fantastic introduction to the school on Friday.

xxxxx,xxxxx and I really enjoyed the visit and were extremely impressed by the school's culture and ethos that really shone through in all our interactions with pupils and staff. We did visit another school later that day but have to say it paled in comparison. 

We have more 'fact finding' to do but will check out information online regarding application processes and will get in touch if we have further questions."

Prospective Parent- May 2023

"I would also like to commend the hierarchy within the school, of which you are part, for their efforts in instilling the right mentality into your students. It is rare that we go out and see a school who have such standards in terms of discipline and the level of respect that teachers are shown by the students. It is therefore always a pleasure to help where we can."

Serving RAF Office- May 2023

"Thank you for all of yours, and your, teams support today.

Not only did I feel welcomed by the staff but all of the pupils who I was either introduced to or had in one the classes I covered. I was made to feel as though I was part of the staff rather than a visitor.

It is abundantly clear that the majority, if not everybody, is pulling in one direction.

I wish you and your team, which include the pupils, the very best and hope that I will be able return soon."

Supply Teacher- April 2023

"Thank you for hosting me today and thank you for arranging for the sun to come out especially!

I really enjoyed my visit and was made to feel exceptionally welcome.  All students - bar none- were friendly and chatty. Great manners and confidence all round.   

I appreciated the calmness, uniformity in and out of lessons and staff presence. All of it is what I know contributes to a high performing learning environment. I also know it takes a lot of dedication from the whole school community and that was obvious in spades. 

It was great to meet our future UTCN students and rest assured we will build on the great education they have had at Cromer. 

For me most of all, the positive culture and the pride in the local community shone through. Cromer High is a jewel in Cromer's crown. Thank you for extending the invitation to my colleagues at UTCN to visit.  I will send a follow up email to arrange specifics. 

Thank you again and well done."

 Regional Director - Community Schools Trust -April 2023

"My friends and I are visiting Norfolk and on Monday, 6th March the three of us, with four dogs, walked along the beach from Overstrand to Cromer.  

The weather turned bad,there was heavy rainfall so we decided to get the 16:37 bus (CH2) back to Overstrand.  

At the bus shelter in Church Street, we were joined by approximately ten of your pupils and they were an absolute credit to your school.They were courteous, polite, well behaved and extremely thoughtful. 

Even though it was pouring, they were prepared to give up the bus shelter to us despite us telling them that there was enough room for us all.  

When the bus arrived, every one of those young people stood back for us to board first.  

I felt compelled to send this email as those pupils are a credit to your school and sadly, it is all too often bad behaviour that warrants correspondence. 

Sadly, I cannot identify any of the pupils but they remained on the bus after we alighted at Overstrand and as we did, I addressed them all with a thank you. 

If you do find out who they were, please pass on our compliments. "

Visitor to Cromer - March 2023 


“I was doing supply teaching at your academy on Wednesday 1st March. 

I have visited and worked in many schools in Norfolk and by far the students at Cromer Academy have been the kindest, most helpful, polite, hardworking, confident, independent, motivated, and enthusiastic students that I have been lucky enough to work with. 

Please pass on my congratulations to the students for being so awesome, I wish them all the best with their studies and hope to visit to work with them again soon. "


A supply teacher-March 2023

"Just a quick note to thank you for your time today. xxxxx and I really appreciated the opportunity to spend time looking around Cromer and talking things through with you. We picked up so many ideas and it’s given us plenty of food for thought in terms of what we can do next back in xxxxxxxxx.

Hopefully your ears were burning this afternoon as we’ve been singing your praises to various colleagues and telling them what a great school you’ve got. Your relentless hard work, enthusiasm and optimism is clearly paying dividends. 

Fantastic community feel, lovely warm relationships, impeccable manners (staff as well as pupils!), calm and orderly, building up pupils’ pride and belief in themselves and their town… it all came across so strongly. 

Would I send my own kids to Cromer based on what I saw today? Yes, without a moment’s doubt." 

A serving Norfolk Headteacher - February 2023

"As Chairman of the governing committee, I am privileged to be able to visit the Academy at my will. Today was my first on “my own” visit and I sat in on the weekly teacher update at 0820, then listened in on an English class about poetry where I learned about Rhyme Structure, Refrain and Freedom and Chaos . Progressed from there to the Science corridor where the year 9 students were learning about what science careers were available. Then I continued into a psychology lesson . 

Oh my, Cromer Academy students have such dedicated, interesting staff who work hard to give them the best start possible. 

I’m looking forward to my next drop in."

Hilary Cox MBE- Academy Committee Chair- February 2023

"Can I say once again how impressed we were with your students behaviour. It is exceptionally rare nowadays to go into a school and not have to pause while bad behaviour is sorted out (and not always by the teachers!). Therefore, it was a real treat for us to be able to speak without being spoken over and to have the students full attention. This obviously comes down to teaching methods and shows great credit on your staff. Every member of my team commented on this."

RAF Marham- January 2023

"We just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you, for such a well organised parents evening and for all your teachers giving up their time to provide really informative information about xxxx school life.

It was really nice to be able to put names to the Teachers faces, who we hear such wonderful things about.

Thank you to the whole team at Cromer Academy, we really cannot praise you all enough. It makes us smile to know that xxxx is in such a supportive, nurturing and kind environment."

Parent- January 2023

"I would just like to thank you both for the wonderful reception I experienced yesterday visiting Cromer, as well as your support for our young man. 

 Walking around Cromer Academy yesterday brought a smile to my face and gave me a serious feeling of home! The culture within the school hits you in the face everywhere you look.

 The pupils were brilliantly focused and any behaviour incidents that I did spot were quickly corrected by the member of staff, in what I can only describe as a positive and constructive manner.

 The Yr 7’s at break were truly Cromer-tastic magic! Their House Invictus challenge was something that even I, being a proud performer of Invictus, could wish to replicate at xxxxxxxx . I am definitely stealing that! 

 As I walked around it was incredible to feel the continuity of you and your staff as you picked up the tiniest of things to embed your culture. “Morning Sir.” “Morning” “Did I get a Cromer full stop?” “Sorry Morning Sir" All topped off with a great smile. Such a warm interaction and this was seen on multiple occasions from the Head, SLT, Teaching staff, LSA's and the Librarian. Pure cultural consistency across the whole school. "

 Thank you so much again for welcoming me into your school for the morning.

 Visiting senior leader from a Norfolk school, December 2022

"We just wanted to say thank you! Xxxxx  came home beaming from school when she was awarded the Sadler socks! Thank you so much for cementing to  xxxxx that hard work is rewarded. You are all encouraging such positive behaviours from the children.

 XXXXX  is so inspired and enthusiastic about all her lesson and we are blown away by the opportunities you have already provided; hockey tournament, swimming trials, eco-club & eco-club visit, Christmas tree decoration, 80’s production to name just a few – this is actually unbelievable that you offer such a variety to your curriculum within the first 9 weeks of High School life!

 We love listening to Xxxxx telling us about all her learning. She comes home wanting to learn more, study from her revision book and do the best she can. Thank you for fostering this love of learning and trying your hardest, it really shows and makes her want to try just as hard in return. We cannot fault Cromer Academy and would really recommend other families to join.

 Together, you’ve created something special and really we just want to say, thank you."

 Parent, December 2022

I frequently travel on the 3.30 “ Our bus” from Cromer to North Walsham and wanted to congratulate you on the behaviour of your pupils who use this service. They are always polite and well behaved and without exception they thank the driver when they get off the bus.
Having worked in a school myself I know how rewarding positive feedback from members of the public can be.
With best wishes for the Academy’s future.

Member of the public - November 2022

Just a quick email to say thanks for today- it was lovely to meet you and the students and thank you for making me feel so very welcome.  I would also like to reiterate what I said as I left- the behaviour of the students was exemplary, without exception, and really did leave an impression on me.  

However, what impressed me the most was the engagement of the students- they took a genuine interest and got involved and it really did make them a pleasure to teach!

Local Director HSBC UK -October 2022

Dear Mr Hollingsworth,

"Many thanks for warm welcome and support I received today at Cromer Academy and a big thanks to Peter . I really enjoyed the day and  I must say that the fact that I did not issue any de-merits is a reflection of the motivation and values of your students and ethos of the your school and not me. After teaching for thirty years and visiting a number of schools this year doing supply it is really refreshing to be in an atmosphere without battling low level disruption and interacting with well mannered and cheerful young people . "

Many thanks 

Supply Teacher -September 2022

"Just a quick email to say THANK YOU, to everyone at Cromer Academy.

We really can’t thank you enough for making ......start to her Cromer school life so perfect.

Everyone has gone beyond what I could expect to ensure ..... is happy and safe; from the warmest of welcomes (and smiles) in the morning and afternoon, it is just makes us know we made the correct decision on Cromer Academy.

Thank you again, I know not all Schools are this kind, efficient, friendly and hardworking; so we wanted to acknowledge that we feel very lucky and pass on our thanks."

Parent- September 2022

"I wanted to put in writing how impressed I continue to be with our daughters school.  Our daughter started Cromer Academy joining year 7 in September 2021.

I had the privilege of being invited into school this morning, all the teachers were welcoming.  This also stood out when I attended the school talent show back in Dec 2021.  Everyone is made to feel valued and welcome.

The behaviour of the students is impeccable, even when transitioning from class to class.  The students all look smart.  A credit to the students and the staff.  In my opinion this environment will help my daughter to thrive and gain not only the best education but the skills she requires to succeed in life.

I was concerned when my daughter started high school that there were only 2 PE lessons timetabled per week, however the offer of various after school clubs means there is plenty of opportunity to participate in extra sport.  In hindsight this is preferred by us as the school week can be spent concentrating on core subjects and enrichment.   

The school day at Cromer means our daughter gets an extra hour of education per day when compared to other schools.  This and the no mobile phones policy were significant factors when choosing a school.

There are plenty of extra curricular activities on offer, we really appreciate the extra commitment given by staff to enable this to happen.  Our daughter even attended school for a day during half-term for Mary Poppins rehearsals.  

The parent mail system works really well, communication from the school is well organised and the office team are friendly and helpful.  The cashless canteen system is an improvement.

I also wanted to mention that credit is due to the staff and students who keep the school clean and tidy, no litter around the site.

Today I saw the library for the first time which is a fantastic area for the students.   I also had the pleasure of meeting Mrs Bumphrey who runs the eco-committee alongside Mr Nutt, it is lovely to see a high school engaging in these activities.

No doubt over time we will encounter challenges but I have the confidence that Cromer Academy will address any concerns we might have."

Parent -March 2022


"Just wanted to express thanks to the school and staff for taking Year 9 to the careers event at the Norfolk Showground yesterday. ....had a really good time and has come back with lots of enthusiasm and confidence that there are options for her."

Parent - March 2022

"I'm so very pleased .... is part of Cromer Academy,  it really is an inclusive inspirational school."

Parent - February 2022

"I just wanted to let you know that you have a lovely establishment with caring staff and students. I do supply teaching at many schools in Norfolk and Suffolk and yours continues to hold the top spot. Others could learn a lot from your all stand together policy and the way you make agency staff feel welcome and supported, that means a lot. All your students are pleased to exchange pleasantries and this helps to make the day go very smoothly.
Keep doing what you are and the results both academic and personal will speak for themselves."

Supply Teacher - January 2022

"I was genuinely impressed with the students' attitude at Cromer Academy. The students were engaged and showed sustained learning, deliberate practice and concentration. I believe they have the motivations and aspirations for high achievements. I would be delighted to visit again Cromer Academy."

Supply Teacher - January 2022

"Thank you so much for your phone calls to us earlier today, I am so sorry that neither of us answered, we were both at work.  It would have been great to get to chat with you because, as it happens, I was going to contact you anyway at the end of term to thank you and the staff for such a wonderful start to the school for....... 

As you know it was a somewhat rocky start for her, not knowing a single person and she was suffering from very low confidence.  We can't believe the change in her over this first term.  We want to commend the school for the wide range of activities, this has really get involved and meet lots of people and the support from all of the staff has been fantastic.  She speaks so highly of everyone!  

I'd also like to mention to you how supportive Miss Clarke has been.  After my initial phone call to the school to say that ..... was having a hard time settling in, she has gone above and beyond what we would have expected.  She's so encouraging to ......and phones me weekly to make sure there are no issues or concerns.  We think she is a very special teacher.

Getting to sing a solo today was just the icing on the cake for ....., she came out of school beaming and has told us how happy she is at Cromer.    

Thank you ever so much again and have a wonderful Christmas break."

Parent - December 2021

“Please can you pass on our thanks to your Principal and everyone who helped at the session on Wednesday. Your pupils were really well behaved and the session ran smoothly. It was a great session.”

NHS Vaccination Team-November 2021

“I just wanted to thank all the staff and children we met this morning on our tour of the school. Everyone was so lovely and has confirmed we have made the right decision in applying for a place for ….. to start next year.”

Prospective Parent November-2021

“I wanted to provide some feedback following Open Evening and the day time visit we attended at Cromer Academy with our daughter.

When we visited Cromer, we were greeted by many teachers, all very happy to have us there and each one showed a real interest in my daughter and her interests. We listened to the presentation carried out by the Principal who was very passionate about the school and the school values and explained to us about what the children can expect from school. We were then allowed to explore the school and the many activities in our own time. We left with a very clear insight of what is expected of the students, the curriculum and what the students can expect.  We were also invited back to see the school during the school day while classes were being carried out. ….felt valued and listened to and I felt comforted by the level of respect and understanding that was shown to her. I was initially nervous that my little girl will be going to high school, but now I’m excited for her. We have been considering Cromer Academy and another high school. Well I wanted to say thank you for making our decision so easy, you should be incredibly proud of your establishment. I really hope she will be offered a place there in September. “

Prospective Parent-October 2021

“Many thanks for your time and the informative tour yesterday, ….. and I still feel your core values, very welcoming staff along with your fabulous facilities and strong Eco ethos are worth the train journey. We just hope we can get in as out of catchment!”

Prospective Parent-September 2021

“Just to say thank you so much to everyone who helped get….. to the church on time to ring for the wedding this afternoon (Friday)! Everyone was so grateful that he was able to make up the numbers in the ringing band.”

Parent-September 2021

“We just wanted to send you a quick message to say a massive thank you to all of you at Cromer Academy. We couldn’t have hoped for a better year for….. to start her secondary school journey. She has really enjoyed it and through your fantastic support, she has overcome her anxious moments and Covid wobbles smoothly.

 I can’t quite believe all the praise she has received and the awards she comes home with - she is so confident about how she’s doing and motivated to learn. Yourself and your staff have been so caring and thoughtful towards her. ….. my other daughter who is now starting year 6 in September is so looking forward to coming to you in 2022 which just shows the impression you have made on….”

Parent-July 2021

"You all deserve a fabulous relaxing break after your hard work this year. Two very happy parents here (and happy children to boot!) Thank you!"

Parent-July 2021

“I just wanted to take a second to email to say how impressed and blown away I was today with your school. I've worked in education for 11 years now and this was the high school with the most calm, focused, positive environment I've ever experienced - and by quite a distance. You clearly have staff who both 'talk the talk' and 'walk the walk' and I'm looking forward to getting to know them.”

Parent-July 2021

 “Thank you very much for letting me visit the school for the day, especially at the very end of the last term of one of the most challenging years in school history.

 What you are doing at Cromer is extraordinary. It's the happiest and most heart-warming school I've ever visited. I'm in awe of the warmth and pride that radiates from you all.

 Without exception, everyone I chatted to feels part of something great. 

In every interaction I had all day, everyone was cheerful, friendly, welcoming, thoughtful, and kind. 

Without exception everyone I asked what they thought, told me how proud they felt to be at Cromer. 

Everyone I spoke to knew all the school values, their house and watch makes Cromer unique. 

Everyone I asked said how happy they are to be a part of the school and shared great team spirit. 

Everyone seems to be fired up by a fierce sense of purpose and the mission to love learning.

The clarity, cohesion, consistency, unity, energy and joy you’ve achieved together is exceptionally rare, especially in schools of hundreds of people. 

 The relationships and rapport you’re bringing about between students and staff are hugely impressive. 

All students showed confident eye contact and great manners; all of them greeted me cheerily and asked me how I was. 

The corridors are calm, happy, caring, fun, banter-filled, full of joy and smiles and cheeky, respectful salutes!

Lunch had a great community atmosphere and family spirit to it.

Fantastic respect and consideration was shown by everyone to the speaker at the end of lunch and break, with peaceful, thoughtful silence as soon as the cue was given.

The buy-in you've got all together seemed sky-high to me! 

 I’ve worked, studied and visited some of the very best schools in the country, but Cromer strikes me as being the best of the best for culture and relationships. I asked lots of students what they thought of the school, out of 10. 

The average score out of everyone I asked was 10 out of 10. 

When I asked why both students and staff said that the heads and team really care about them. 

To get everyone loving being at school is extraordinary, exciting and life changing. 

 I met students permanently excluded from other schools who are thriving to be a part of the environment you’re creating together. 

I saw students I knew in Norwich who hated school, who had 100% focus all lesson, great self-corrections and 100% attention at the end of lunch break. They are now loving school and loving life. 

 How are you doing it?! All of you are walking the talk 100%. 

In 100% of interactions in 100% of lessons I saw, you as teachers, students and leaders lead by example, set the standards and live the values. 

The balance of warmth and focus you’re achieving is extremely unusual, and creates a great climate where everyone can flourish. 

It’s remarkable to be achieving this without any after-school detentions at all, and your heads of year teaching 24 lessons a week. 

I love the idea of visiting another school as the only target for staff next year – a game changer and how much trust and faith you put in people. 

 Nothing in my time in education has given me greater hope than seeing what you are achieving. 

 Keep as focused as you are, and I have no doubt that you’ll achieve some of the very best GCSE results in the country. You are on the path for students to achieve incredible things in life and to contribute to changing the world. 

 Thank you to all of you wonderful students and staff for their generosity with their time and for making me feel so welcome, especially …..

 Thanks for creating such an inspirational school, for inspiring me to strive for higher standards and to improve my leadership, and for showing what’s possible! I came away buzzing with energy and excitement.”

 Visitor-July 2021

 “Once again I need to write to you to thank you for the excellent support that the staff and yourself provide to my daughter. 

Once again she found herself in a situation which could have led to personal embarrassment, through a situation not of her doing. But once again your staff stepped up and resolved the situation without hesitation or fuss. 

I just wrote this email in the hope it sheds some light on no doubt the situations where other parents are likely to be "too quick to criticise. I have constantly found all staff to be professional, courteous and helpful both within and above and beyond their line of duty. 

Much gratitude.”

Parent-July 2021

“We just wanted to say such a big thank you for everything you have done for our boys over the years. They started school as timid young boys, they have thrived here both socially and educationally and left as confident young men. 

Your support and encouragement has meant the world to us and so thank you!”

Parent-July 2021

“We just want to thank you  and your team for everything you have done for….. this past year. As his parents we can’t express our thanks for the time and effort you have made with him. Without this support, faith and trust he would not have made it through this final year.

We have seen him coping with things a lot better and enjoying school again giving him hope for the future. Thank you once again.”

Parent-June 2021

“We would just like to say a massive thank you to you all. We couldn’t have wished for a better school or staff for….than you have given. She has grown in confidence and is now ready to move on to the next chapter thanks to all your hard work. You have given her that confidence and belief, for that we are forever grateful. Once again, thank you all so very much for all your hard work.”

Parent-June 2021

“Please pass on my thanks to all……. teachers who took the time to discuss his progress with myself yesterday. It was a pleasure to meet such dedicated and professional staff who are an asset to their profession.

You all do an amazing job, my thanks and gratitude to everyone at the Academy for the encouragement and support you give ….. and for making his educational journey a very positive and inspirational experience.”

Parent-April 2021

“As you know, many of ….friends go to Aylsham and I hear through parents how things work- be it through lockdown, covid testing or parent evening. Time and time again, comparisons are overwhelmingly positive in Cromer Academy.” 

Parent-April 2021

 “Please can I start by saying how wonderfully easy the parents evening programme was to use and set up! Although the countdown clock was a bit quick towards the end! 

…...started at Cromer on Jan 20 so this was the first time I've met her teachers. Its lovely to see her doing so well, she has been so dedicated with her home learning, we are very proud of her, and feel the staff and supportive nature of her new friends is a credit to the school, so we wanted to say thank you!!! Everyone is tired and really feeling the strain of this lockdown so I felt it important to give credit where it is due! So again I say thank you!”

Parent-March 2021

“I'd just like to say how impressed I've been at how Cromer Academy has dealt with this very difficult situation and to thank you all for your continued support.”

Parent-February 2021

"I just wanted to pass a message of thanks to Mr Martin and to your staff at Cromer Academy. The last few weeks, ….has received great feedback and contact with staff members, golden tickets, which has really boosted her confidence and motivation and today I received a lovely phone call from Mr Martin about her progress during this lockdown.  We are incredibly proud of her and also very happy with the work she had been set and the dedication staff have shown to ensure that their pupils are happy, on task and continue with their studies without too much disruption. 

A big thankyou!"

Parent-February 2021

"Remote Learning has its ups and downs, but I must say that Cromer Academy is doing a fab job!"

Parent-January 2021

“I admire the teaching staff at Cromer Academy. This lockdown must be such a challenge for you all, but you rise above this and inspire the children to engage with their studies. Well done to you all and a very big thank you.”

Parent-January 2021

"I would like to thank you all for the home learning you are providing. I am overwhelmed by the level of support and the quality of the lessons."

Parent-January 2021

“This is a brief message but I wanted to say thank you to all the amazing teachers and staff at Cromer Academy. It’s definitely not easy for anyone!

I just wanted to reach out to say how supported my two Cromer Academy students feel, home learning is clear, teachers are positive and reply to questions and queries smoothly and (for the most part, of course) my two students are motivated to produce work of high standard.  Thank you teachers for encouraging this enthusiasm and work ethic.”

Parent-January 2021

"I just wanted to share a situation I found myself in this morning.  I left my house at 7.45 to do my morning exercise before facing the day ahead. I was walking down Norwich Road and had a young man in a Cromer Academy uniform walking towards me. He very kindly stepped to the side and stopped to give me space to pass safely. He also greeted me with a polite ‘good morning’. I wish I had asked his name. He would have arrived with you around 7.55 and wore a blue anorak type jacket. I wanted to acknowledge with you this lovely pocket of politeness and positivity. "

Parent-January 2021

“When we met in September, you asked me to give you time to prove yourself and implement the plans you have for Cromer Academy. I wanted to extend my thanks. From what I am hearing, you’re doing a great job.”

Parent-November 2020

"Thanks again to all at the school for their brilliance!"

Parent-October 2020


“I would just like a few minutes of your time to say thank you to all the staff at Cromer Academy. ….. had been a student at Cromer since year 7. We have always been really happy with the school and the teaching staff. You all do an amazing job especially at the moment with such difficult circumstances. It’s nice to know that our children are safe and well cared for.

I would also like to say thank you to Mr Hollingsworth.  From the very beginning you have made an effort to get to know …... and all the other students by name. 

I like the way you are taking the school forward. The students should grow to be respectful, well behaved people under your guidance.

Keep up the good work and thank you all for all that you do. It really is appreciated.” 

Parent-October 2020

“Thank you for all your help with…It has been greatly appreciated.”

Parent-October 2020

“The difference in my son since returning to school has been incredible. He has had a hell of a change in attitude and is thriving and coming into his own. He used to not enjoy mathematics and said the other day that he had double maths and felt he could actually get the hang of it!”

Parent-October 2020

“Thank you all for your endless hard work to keep our children safe in school. You are doing an amazing job! Well done and thank you, it is very much appreciated.”

Parent-October 2020

“I’m really pleased that both boys have settled back in and onboard with the Cromer Way. Loving lessons!”

Parent-September 2020

“Just a quick note to thank everyone who is working so hard to get pupils back to school…….came home yesterday really happy and is looking forward to going back on Friday."

Parent-June 2020