Home School Agreement

This agreement is designed to make clear what we expect as a school, both from you and your child, and what you, in return, can expect from us. To this end, it is important you discuss this page with your child. By choosing to send your child to Cromer Academy you agree to uphold the expectations in this Home-School Agreement.

Parent/Carers are expected to ....

  • Support the ethos and values of the school.
  • Support the school’s policies and guidelines for behaviour (refer to sections in planner and school website).
  • Inform the school about any concerns or problems that might affect your child’s work or behaviour.
  • Ensure that your child has the appropriate school uniform (see section in planner).
  • Inform the school if your child is absent.
  • Encourage your child to work hard, to participate in school life and to do their review/homework tasks. This is important to embed knowledge over time and will help them to better prepare for mock exams and GCSEs as your child will feel more confident they know the subject.
  • Check and sign the planner weekly.
  • Contact the school if your child needs more help with work in lessons or review work at home.
  • Attend Parents’ Evening online to discuss your child’s progress.
  • Accept and support our curriculum offer, which we continually adapt and develop to allow pupils to reach their potential both inside and outside of school.
  • Understand the expectations we have of their child. See ‘Pupils are expected to…’ section.

Attendance expectations

  • It is parents’ legal duty to ensure that your child attends school regularly and arrives on time. Parents’ should also ensure that their child arrives at school properly equipped. Attendance should not fall below 95% (The aim should always be 100%).

Our recent Ofsted report makes it clear that pupils who attend Cromer Academy benefit from a ‘curriculum that is ambitious for all’ where pupils ‘learn well’. However, the attendance of some pupils is too low which ‘means they cannot maintain the levels of progress they need to achieve well’. Every second counts in school, as we are

unable to re-teach whole lessons or units of work.

Parents and carers must understand that certain activities and events are a privilege and attendance at these events/activities will be linked to adherence to school behaviour policies/expectations and a minimum attendance rate of 95%. Pupils who don't meet these expectations may not be allowed to participate in:


  • Representing the school at sporting or extra-curricular events.
  • Off-site trips/visits. This includes PD/Activities week.
  • Y11 Prom

We understand that there can be exceptional circumstances that lead to a pupil having a lower attendance record. Such cases will be dealt with on an individual basis. As such, any decisions on the above are at the discretion of Head of Year and Senior Leaders.

Cromer Academy is expected to ....

  • Create a safe environment for all pupils to flourish.
  • Provide a broad and balanced curriculum.
  • Encourage a high standard of behaviour, presentation and achievement.
  • Encourage our pupils to work hard to discover their own special talents.
  • Offer opportunities for our pupils to become involved in the life of the school and the wider community.
  • Reward pupils whose behaviour and effort goes above and beyond the norm.
  • Keep parents/carers informed about general school matters and about their child’s progress.

Pupils are expected to ....
Adhere to the Cromer Way which is based on manners and respect, pride in ourselves, our school and Cromer, the town and its traditions as represented in our House system. We have very high expectations of our pupils and a belief that all are capable of meeting them.

  • Respect others by treating staff, other pupils and support staff with kindness.
  • Show determination by attending school regularly and on time and persevering with tasks.
  • Have their planner with them and record any tasks when instructed.
  • Bring the necessary equipment they need every day (see section in the planner).
  • Wear the correct school uniform
  • Work hard and do all of their classwork tasks and review work at home to the best of their ability.
  • Keep the school free from litter and graffiti.
  • Develop their confidence over time by working hard to become more knowledgeable in lessons, developing our own unique talents and relationships with others.
  • Behave in a responsible manner and respect the public on the way to and from school.