Activity Days 2024

We are very pleased to launch our ‘Summer Activity Days’ programme. Over the course of four days in July, pupils in Year 7-9 will have the opportunity to engage in a range of exciting trips or school-based activities.

Below is a list of options and a brief description of trips and activities for July 2nd to July 5th, 2024. The prices are at full price and pupil premium families can access a discounted price of 50% if they have not already used this in the current academic year.

Pupils should be looking to select four options from the choices given. The options will then be taken into consideration filling up the residential trips first. Year 9 pupils completing Duke of Edinburgh will be completing their expedition over one of the two-day blocks, therefore they will receive priority choice for their other two-day option.

The options will be filled in via the form (link) that will go live from Monday 16th October. This form will only be open till Tuesday 31 st October to allow us maximum time to assign students to their trips and then get information out to parents and carers for first deposits.

Pupils' behaviour is of key importance and therefore we reserve the right to remove a pupil from any trip should a pupil fail to follow the school behaviour policy. Similarly, as per the home/school agreement parents and carers should understand that certain activities and events are a privilege and attendance at these events/activities will not only be linked to adherence to school behaviour policies/expectations but also a minimum attendance rate of 95%. Pupils who don't meet these expectations may not be allowed to participate in off-site trips/visits. This includes PD/Activities week.

For all trips that involve a cost the minimum number of pupils are required for the trip to run. If the minimum number of pupils can’t be met, trips may be cancelled, and pupils would need to select another option.

All questions can be directed to Mr Poole Activity’s lead

Payment Due Dates

All trips involving a cost, 50% of the total of trip(s) must be paid in the first payment to confirm the pupil’s place. Residential trips will require an earlier payment as the deposit has to be paid to secure the accommodation. Notifications will be sent via MCAS when payments are available to complete.

Residential payment dates

1 st –Deposit 50% due by Wednesday 8th November (Including PP)

2 nd – Balance payment due by Friday 1 st March

Non-Residential payment dates

1 st – Deposit 50% due by Friday 24th November (Including PP)

2 nd – Balance payment due by Friday 1 st March

Activity Days 2024 Options Booklet