School Vision / Ethos

Our school values are very important as they guide our behaviours and decisions.
We want our students to develop so that they may go on to positively contribute to society. Together, with strong academic outcomes and access to wide cultural capital, these are the cornerstone of future success.

We don’t just talk about ‘Cromer Values’, we live them

our motto

Specifically, we will see our values represented in the following ways:

  • All rooms in the Academy will have a ‘values’ poster on display and in form rooms, we will show students what these look like in school rather than just being ‘words on the wall’.
  • Our assemblies throughout the year will be based on the school values. Each assembly will begin and end with the same slide, reminding students of the values.
  • The values will become the basis of the rewards system. Merit points can be rewarded for each of the 5 values. This will allow the students, and their parents, to reflect on the values at reporting time.
  • At each of the celebration assemblies, we will be giving out certificates and trophies for students who are recognised as having consistently demonstrated our values.
  • Each week, one student will be identified by the member of Leadership Team taking the assembly to receive a bar of “Cromer Chocolate” in recognition of something they have done that week to demonstrate our values in practice. 
  • As members of staff, we are all expected to demonstrate these values ourselves through our work, interactions with students, visitors and trust staff.  As staff members, we should use the ‘value words’ when praising students but also when to point out what they could have done better.
  • Students will be given a chance to actively demonstrate these values. For example, this year each form will take it in turns to litter pick the site at the end of the day to show their respect for the environment.

Download Our Values Here