Cromer academy 3


We believe knowledge is emancipatory and this is why it is central to learning at Cromer Academy, where we are dedicated to improving the lives of the pupils in our care.

Our curriculum has subject-specific knowledge at its heart, and we look to the academic disciplines for guidance on the most powerful knowledge to teach. We also seek to learn from research about how this knowledge can be retained in long-term memory so that every child can reach their full potential and achieve excellent outcomes.

Our curriculum is both inclusive and ambitious: all our pupils are entitled to a broad, balanced and knowledge-rich curriculum. The development of our pupils academically, morally, physically and socially reaches far beyond the walls of the classroom, but it is the knowledge gained between these walls which sets them on the path to the happiness and success which they deserve.

In Years 7, 8, and 9 we offer a broad and balanced, knowledge-rich curriculum that gives our pupils a strong academic grounding in preparation for GCSE study.

In Key Stage 4, we offer a high-quality, academic curriculum, organised over two years to ensure our students achieve their potential and experience in-depth learning.

Our students study the core GCSE subjects of English, maths, and science. We also follow the English Baccalaureate, which means that a majority of pupils will also study a language and a humanity. In addition to this pupils choose options subjects. Our emphasis is on high-quality choices. 

We also offer an exciting range of new experiences in sport, culture, and public service, to widen our pupils’ horizons. You can download curriculum plans for each subject on this page.

Our curriculum vision

  • All of our Key Stage 3 subject departments will be thinking about what we teach and what the important knowledge that we want pupils to know is. Working alongside our Curriculum Centre, staffed by the expertise of the subject specialist leaders (SSLs), we will undertake a full review of the curriculum to ensure students have the knowledge and understanding they need.
  • Our lessons will be based around continuous low-stakes assessment which gives pupils the chance to show off what they have learnt. Using simple quizzes at the start and end of lessons, students will be reviewing their knowledge in an increasing domain.  We will use high-leverage activities in class to ensure they can use what they have learnt.
  • The knowledge learnt in both the lesson and for homework forms the basis of the termly tests. We believe this knowledge will give our pupils both the cultural capital and the academic underpinning they require to make them exceptional learners at GCSE and beyond.

You can read more about our curriculum plan here